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The White & White Clock by Vadim Kibardin

7 Ultra-Modern Black & White Wall Clocks

In photography and film, a grey scale treatment lends a feeling of timelessness — it even has the ability to evoke a certain sense of yesteryear that can’t quite be recaptured in its original, full-color glory.  In decor, however, a proper dose of black & white brings us starkly into the here and now with a hint of what’s just around the corner; the ultra-modern black & white wall clocks pictured here not only tell us what time it is, but also insist upon their own modernity and practically whisper in soothing robotic tones that the future is upon us.

modern black and white clocks
The White & White Clock by Vadim Kibardin
modern black and white clock
The Qlocktwo
domino clock
The Domino Wall Clock by Carbon Design
minimalist wall clock
The Alessi Walter Wayle II Wall Clock by Philippe Starck
digital and analog wall clock
Retrofuturistic Digital + Analog Prototype
spirograph clock
The Karlsson Spirograph Clock
asterisk clock
The CE-W70 Clock from Control Brand


Alessi Walter Wayle clock from Philippe Starck.

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