7 Different Design Ideas When Planning Your Kitchen Sink Area

The kitchen sink is a very important functional area in the design of any home. The fact is that there are many different types of sink shapes and the accompanying counter top area on the market today. This article serves to show 7 different designs for the kitchen sink area. One difference regarding the kitchen versus other areas of your home is the way that we use this room. Each one of us cuts up vegetables, cleans dishes, prepares meals, and in general uses the counters in many different ways. I prefer a kitchen sink area where I can keep water in the sink basin and also quickly clean the nearby counter area by pushing debris into the sink. These pictures may give you ideas about which type of sink area may best suit your family’s needs.

    1. Rounded Rim Sink – The purpose of this design is to keep water inside the sink area and not let it run onto the  counter tops.

Rounded Rim Sink Design

    1. Rectangular Recessed Sink – This is a common design in Corian counter tops. The advantage here is that there is some buffer against water leaking out onto the countertop and yet it is very subtle in its appearance. Debris can be easily swept into this design.

Recessed Corian Sink Basin

    1. Edge Sink Basin – The edge serves to keep water in the sink area and is more pronounced than the previous two examples. This design is very common in houses where there is more activity say from children and it is harder to keep that area clean.

Edge Sink Basin

    1. Grooved Countertop Sink – This is a neat design since the grooves feed into the sink basin. This is commonly used for drying dishes where water may leak down onto the counters. Further, there can be extra traction when using a cutting board on this surface.

Grooved Kitchen Sink
Groove Countertops
Small Space Kitchen Sink

    1. Designer Grooves – The advantages of counter top grooves were covered earlier. The difference here is that the grooves are used to create a designer look.

Designer Counter Grooves

    1. Deep Slope Counter top and Sink – This design is wonderful if you are very active on the counters. I like the fact that the drainage is guided to the sink from the counter top angle. Some of the earlier designs can often have water pool in certain areas if a slope is not pronounced enough. Also, if your home shifts it may change how level your sink is which can impact the drainage flow.

Sloped Kitchen Countertop
Sloped Kitchen Basin

  1. Built-in Recessed Sink – Here the faucet is well within the basin making it more difficult to splash water out of the sink basin.

Recessed Sink
The decision as to which kitchen sink is right for you is a matter of your personal home decor tastes and how you envision using this functional area. More information can be found in our article on kitchen design trends. Photographs via Brascor.