8 Gleaming Modern Mirrors that Make an Artistic Statement

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Fractal Mirror by Zuo Modern

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Modern mirrors are fun and whimsical and can add so much to the character of a room.  Reflective surfaces have been around as long as pools of water have existed, but today’s roundup takes things to the next level.  While most of us have a wall mirror behind the bathroom vanity and perhaps a floor-length mirror in the bedroom or closet, we have to admit they’re last on the list when it comes to furnishing or re-furnishing a space.  The eight designers whose works are featured below obviously consider mirrors to be much more than an afterthought; behold the puzzle created by independent designer Emiliani Brinci, the eyepopping fractal mirror by Zuo and the mesmerizing wall of mirrors that snagged a coveted spot in Elle Decor.  Not to promote narcissism or anything, but in a home filled with mirrors like these, you might never leave the house.

8 Gleaming Modern Mirrors that Make an Artistic Statement



abstract mirror display



mirror puzzle



qui voit mirror



bubble mirror



coin mirror



bent wood mirror frame



quatrefoil wall mirrors


Fractal mirror found at Zuo Modern.