Incredible Furniture Designs 2009

In between all the new year preparations, the oh so familiar resolutions and spending time with loved ones, we here at Furniture Fashion decided to wear our introspective hats and toast all the furniture and interior designs that left an impact in 2009. While ringing in 2010, we thought we would take a nostalgic walk down the memory lane with our readers. So without further ado, we bring you the best designs of 2009.

Human Furniture Photography Exhibit
Using the nude male and female form as inanimate objects without making it look lewd or vulgar is nothing short of genius. David Blázquez’s photography exhibit called “human furniture” was nothing sort of path-breaking.

Human Furniture
Art Exhibit
Human Lamp
Ironing Board

Patio and Outdoor Furniture
Royal Botania reveals the more glamorous side of patio furniture with their Wave Hammock. Incorporating an opposing canopy in what I have to say is the best looking hammock I have ever seen. It is never the wrong time to plan your
leisure time!

hammocks royal botania wave
hammock design modern outdoor seating
modern hammocks and patio furniture

Architect Arkitek Axis, is the brain behind this modern home in Kaula Lumpur. The 3 story construction plan, along with the beautiful water landscaping is a treat for sore eyes.

Contemporary Architecture
dining room contemporary
House in Malaysia
Pool Canopy
Sun Room

Bathroom Design and Furniture Tubs
Massimiliano Della Monaca’s Shoe Tub is something fashionistas dream off. This design has been further accentuated with exquisite mosaic tiles. Carrie Bradshaw will approve!

big shoes

Abisko Washbasins from Euman by Johan Kauppi and Lars Sundström adds a new design dimension to something as utilitarian as a bathroom sink. The waterfalls of the Swedish National Park Abisko inspired this beautiful sink and we must say the end result is striking!

modern wash basin abisko.jpg
wash basins modern bathroom sinks.jpg

Bathroom Fixtures:
The “Supernova” bathroom hardware line from Dornbracht is a visual treat and epitomizes lustrous luxury. Sieger Design and architect Mike Meiré have tried to replicate a water island in their creation where the shower rises like a monument from the bathroom floor.

Custom Bathrooms
Dornbracht Supernova
Natural Rain Showers
bath faucets

With the “Hi-Can” or High Fidelity Canopy Bed, DETA DESIGN and Hi-Interiors have managed to create an inner sanctum where you can escape the drudgery of life and just chill. Surround sound, reading lights, a computer, a gaming console and a full size screen and home theater projector is just the icing on the cake.

canopy bed with television and stereo
modern beds with television and computer
ultra modern bedroom furniture
modern beds with tv screen

Sleep your troubles away by getting some shut eye on the Dylan Bed from Cattelan Italia. The bed gives an illusion of floating.

Unusual Beds
Awesome Beds

Go Green and store your precious trinkets and other stuff in style. Tejo Remy’s Chest Of Drawers has been entirely made from waste materials and we love and admire his “recycled to immortal” approach.

storage chest of drawers droog
chest of drawers tejo remy

The “Light Up” chair contravenes all design principles. It pays homage to deep sea creatures and features an over sized, over head lamp.

furniture chair with lamp
furniture modern chair with lamps

Moroso once again takes in design cues and inspiration from world cultures. The M’Afrique Furniture Collection encapsulates African design traditions and features traditional fabrics with patterns and colors of the contemporary African cultures.

fabric armchairs moroso.jpg
colorful furniture fabrics moroso.jpg
armchairs modern upholstered furniture moroso.jpg

Coffee Tables
The Sectionimal Coffee Table by design studio gt_2P is every mathematician geek’s dream. The base features a complex algorithmic progression and the top can be made of glass, plywood, Corian or aluminum.

modern coffee tables
interesting coffee tables
design ideas

Dining Tables
The “Scroll Table” from nobody&co doesn’t fall in the trap of ephemeral trends and is inspired by “artisans and their machinery, who behind the scenes have greatly contributed to the success of Italian design in the world”. Designs from Timorous Beasties, find their way on the table top.

contemporary dining tables nobodyandco
Bookworms can now be uber cool and hip thanks to the Console Bookshelf from Katz. The in-built bench is the highlight of the bookshelf.

bookshelves ideas from Katz
unique book storage ideas

Bottoms up in style by getting the PW-747 Cowling Bar from MotoArt. The bar reminds me of James Bond for some strange reason and I love the fact that is has been made from an authentic Pratt & Whitney jet engine cowling once used to power a Boeing 747.

bar furniture and serving stations
bars and bar room furniture motoart
bars and bar furniture motoart

Wine Cellar
You don’t need to be in the South of France to truly enjoy wine! Just get the Spiral Wine Cellar and ensure your wine never goes bad.The Spiral Wine Cellars are concrete wrapped in a water tight lining and passive ventilation keeps the temperature around 55°.

wine store and wine cellars
spiral residential wine cellars

Test out your culinary skills on the Solaris All in One Modern Kitchen Island from Ernestomeda. This modern marvel features a standalone counter / kitchen island that incorporates dual sinks, cook top, lighting, drawers, serving bar, and counter space for food preparation in a cool modern package.

kitchens ernestomeda modern modular.jpg
kitchen islands and counters modern.jpg
modern kitchen designs and kitchen designs.jpg

Purveyors of modern kitchens will adore the Electrolux Icon futuristic kitchen. Conceptualized by Marcello Zuffo, this contemporary kitchen features movable components that can be reconfigured to adapt to the task at hand and incorporated a contemporary sculptural component contrary to a typically rectangular floor plan.”

Electrolux kitchen appliances.jpg
modern kitchen design electrolux.jpg
futuristic kitchen design electrolux icon appliances.jpg

The Ameba Modular Pendant Lighting from Vibia is conspicuously distinguishable thanks to its unique shape. Designer Pete Sans used five different shapes so that one gets a number of modular options.

cool over head lights ameba peter sans.jpg
contemporary lighting fixtures ameba peter sans.jpg

Bench Seating
Park your derrière on something cool and funky like the SITO which fits the bill. Made o aluminum, the collection is highly customizable.

public benches
benches modular modern seating

Modern Furniture
“PHAT KNITS” eschews long-established design trends as it takes a more knitted approach. A team of up to four people and PVC needles up to 13 feet long have been used to assemble these oversized knitted pieces.

Knitting and Furniture
Designer Bauke Knottnerus Slurven
Unique Furniture

Public Seating
Public Seating doesn’t necessary has to be dull or gray. Check out Sebastien Wierinck’s installation offers seating and lighting concepts in green! His work alludes to diverse inspirations and styles.

public benches and modern seating.jpg
public seating benches sebastien wierinck.jpg
public benches and seating modern.jpg

Hotel Design and Interior
Want a glimpse of how the rich and the famous live? Then maybe you check yourself in the Silken Hotel Puerta America in Madrid, which has been designed by renowned designers like Foster and Partners, Zaha Hadid, Chipperfield, Jean Nouvel, Arata Isozaki, Ron Arad, and John Pawson.
beautiful hotel rooms and guest accommodations
contemporary hotel bedrooms
contemporary hotel living rooms
contemporary hotels and resorts madrid spain
fancy hotels and resorts
The Cipria Sofa from Edra Furniture is not for the faint-hearted! Vibrant, funky and unapologetic, the sofa is a medley of colors and textures.

Edra Cipria Sofa
Pink Fluffy Sofa
colorful furniture sofas

Sofa Beds
Ugly solid sofa beds are so typical! The Scoop Round and Quad sofa sleeper beds from Saba Italia ensures that your guests sleep in style and comfort. A must have for the discerning consumer.

round modern beds saba italia.jpg
sofa beds and convertible couches.jpg
sofa beds saba italia modern furniture.jpg

Bath Tubs
Nothing like a long warm bath to relax those tense muscles. The “Leggera” “cup the water like a folded tissue” and provides you respite from the typical oval or rectangular designs.

modern bathtubs and bath tubs ceramica flaminia

Karim Rashid knows a thing or two about design, and his “TV Tub” from liquid acrylic resin is to die of! Designed for Saturn, the tub may make the race of couch potatoes extinct and give birth to the breed of tub potatoes!
bath tub with tv karim rashid
Small Space Furniture
Those having space issues (don’t mean that metaphorically) should check out the furniture pieces by Verena Lang founder of Ivydesign. One of our favorites is “Picture Table” which is a folding dining table!

1 small home furniture
2 space planning in small areas
3 picture table by Ivydesign
5 hanging picture

These are just some of the fantastic products featured on Furniture Fashion, this past year. We wish all our readers a fantastic and prosperous 2010. See you next year for more cutting edge furniture and interior design!