A-Cero Modular House Looks Boring But It Really Isn’t

Looking at it from the outside, you’re probably not going to fall in love with the Modular House in the images below. But once you step right inside, at least virtually, you’ll completely change your mind. The Modular-House has been designed by the team of architects at A-Cero and can be found in Coruna, Spain. The combination of glass and aluminum panels on the outside make it look like a warehouse from certain angles. But this 106-m2 Modular House will offer you three bedrooms, two baths, a hall, a dining room, a laundry room and a kitchen. And the interior will definitely surprise you with the simple and very modern furniture design. Just after the break you’ll find additional images, and the ones shot in the evening are my personal favorites. What do you think?

A-Cero Modular House Looks Boring But It Really Isn't
A-Cero Modular Home.jpg


A-Cero Modular House 2.jpg
A-Cero Modular Home4.jpg
A-Cero Modular House 5.jpg
A-Cero Modular House 6.jpg
A-Cero Modular House 9.jpg
A-Cero Modular House 7.jpg
A-Cero Modular House 8.jpg
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