A Little Light Reading: 10 Simple & Chic Magazine Racks

chic magazine racks
Guidelines Magazine Holder by Frederik Roije

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Although print media might very well be a dying art, there’s still something satisfying about sitting down and thumbing through a magazine for a few minutes every now and then.  In fact, the absence of multiple notifications blinking up at us from their pages — along with the fact that there are no links in the content to click on and catapult ourselves on a never-ending descent down the rabbit hole of LOLs and OMGs — make it even more sublime to simply dive into an article and enjoy it, beginning to end.  Today’s image curation focuses on ten simple and chic magazine racks to help us keep those bastions of respite at arm’s reach in our homes… presuming we ever take a moment or two to actually read them.  From a couple of quirky takes on man’s best friend bringing us the newspaper just like the days of yore to simple, straightforward wall-mounted designs, this collection runs the gamut from basic to basically adorable.

10 Simple & Chic Magazine Racks


red magazine rack


magazine holder


avant garde magazine rack


cool black magazine rack


wall mounted magazine rack


cool magazine rack


unusual magazine rack


magazine tree


unique magazine rack



Nendo cube found at Italian Design 360.