A Little Light Reading: 10 Sleek Magazine Racks

There once was a time when we didn’t consume all our media online, but rather, we took all of it in via print publications like hard copies of newsletters, magazines and street flyers.  Before Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and the dozens (if not hundreds) of second-tier social media platforms, we paid attention to the printed page.  The purists among us still do,  as there’s just something satisfying (and these days, almost intimate) about holding paper in our hands for any length of time.  So, today’s roundup of ten magazine racks is sure to make at least a few of us smile.

magazine racks

Pallet Magazine Rack by Flavia Dalla Pellegrina



magazine rack

Hanging Magazine Rack from Isaac Chen



magazine storage

Lake Geneva Magazine Rack by Frank Lloyd Wright via WrightShop



media racks

Michael Sodeau Sprung Magazine Rack



media rack

Midcentury Modern Magazine Rack from Carl Aubock



magazine display

Modern Magazine Rack by Frederik Rojé



modern magazine rack

The Clip Magazine Rack from Chiasso



cool magazine rack

The Hidden Art Ringo Magazine Rack



unique magazine rack

The Human Magazine Rack from Wrapables



cool magazine holder

The Mela Magazine Holder from Anna Buechin


Michael Sodeau Sprung Magazine Rack found at Bonluxat.