A Taste of the Big Apple: The Notturno a New York Sofa

This extremely iconic and innovative sofa is known as the Notturno a New York is truly a sofa like nothing you have ever seen. It is part of the Cassina family of products and designed by the very talented Gaetano Pesce.  This sofa’s name, Notturno A New York, means “night in New York,” and by looking at the piece you can easily see why.


Notturno a New York Sofa by Gaetano Pesce


The design and look of this amazingly creative piece of furniture mimics the New York City skyline. At first glance you immediately see the outline of the skyscrapers and buildings of the city being represented by the many sections and pieces of the sofa. In addition, nighttime is showcased by using a large circular piece which serves as the backrest on the sofa, and represents the moon along the skyline. So romantic and ingenious is the Notturno A New York sofa.


What’s even more amazing is that not only does each section of the sofa represent a New York City building or skyscraper, but the individual threads woven into the fabric upholstery are woven in such a way that mirrors lights in each building.  The upholstery on each individual section of the piece is basically a mural of a building lit up at night. The Notturno A New York sofa is a piece of art showcasing the New York City skyline. Truly amazing.


Night in New York Sofa


A conversation piece, a wow factor and a focal point all wrapped into one is what you will receive with the Notturno A New York sofa. This piece of art in the form of a couch is all you will need to add pizazz to your contemporary living space.


Wouldn’t you agree that the Notturno A New York sofa could bring a piece of NYC into your interiors?