A Conference Table Worth Talking About

It is said that a lot of business deals are done on the golf coarse, well there are still a few contracts signed and dotted on the company conference table. It is true making a lasting first impression with outstanding surroundings not only instills confidence in your clients, but makes your time at the job site more pleasurable. Stoneline Designs makes conference tables that are as functional as attractive by integrating electrical wiring into the table base and placing grommets where you will need them. Wiring is concealed in the pedestal for a seamless, professional appearance. An optional removable steel panel allows access to the inside of the pedestal for electronics storage & wiring access. Table bases with riveted steel or optional wood veneers hold tops from 8 to 30 feet and are supported by a solid aluminum rail structure. Table tops are available in race track, rectangular, oval, and round shape with one piece tops up to 116″ in a very specialized scratched, clear, or frosted glass. If you want a warmer look to you office furniture you can choose from black or grey slate, or black granite which offers a stunning contrast to the metal base structure.


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