Flokati – A Great Tradition in Wool Area Rugs

Flokati rugs have been a Greek tradition for centuries. The 5th century Vlachs who lived in Samarina, the highest village on the Pindos Mountains, were the inventors of the Flokati. As shepherds, they raised sheep and goats, producing dairy products sold during the winter in the plains of Trikala, Thessaly, Macedonia and as far away as Odessa. They used these primarily as clothing and bedding for their tents, keeping them warm during the long winter months. The women of the village, having access to the wool, would weave Flokati to be sold at bazaars during the winter.
This tradition continued for centuries and didnt cease until the early 1960s. The Mazarakis family has continued the tradition of producing fine quality Flokati and hand-woven carpets. The Hellenic Rug Import company is currently importing the Flokati line for the U S market and has a full line from modern to traditional.