A New Twist in Lamps by Luceplan

Here are a few really different lamps from Luceplan lighting, and these are just a sampling of what they offer. The Carrara floor lamp, called the one piece Luminator, is perfect for home or public and is visually pleasing where ever it is. This state of the art compact fluorescent bulb offers extreme brightness (6,400 lumen) with very low energy consumption (100watts), and is dimmable due to the ballast. 14″ x 9″ diffuser x 73″ height
List price $2,350

Carrara Luceplan Floor Lamps
Agaricon Luceplan Table Lamps

Ross Lovegrove reveals the technology of the Luceplan Agaricon with a transparent diffuser that lights up the inner workings of this very cool lamp. The on off switch is operated by touching the metal ring that connects the lid to the base, the light changes with the amount of pressure applied to the ring. incandescent 1 x 100 watt 16″ diameter diffuser x 11″ height