A Refreshing Modern Coffee Table by Afiddesign

If you are looking for a coffee table that will simply hold up your coffee, you can find that anywhere. If you want a smooth and stylish centerpiece more likely to receive a positive compliment than your best cup of “joe”, then the t2 from Afiddesign is a likely choice. The modern molded wood structure will draw attention in several finishes including Ash, Maple, Oak, Black Walnut, or Black stain. The Modern Coffee Table¬†appears to float and takes on a variety of shapes depending on you vantage point, and hosts a nice storage space within its 3 or 4 leg version. Afiddesigns has a really clean contemporary furniture line with a light and minimal scale and I must says is most refreshing.
900 x 900 x 300 (4-sided option)
700 x 700 x 300 (3-sided option)

coffee table afidesign occasional table.jpg