Achieve Total Comfort with a Memory Foam Pillow

If you are one of the many who has purchased a new memory foam mattress, or are still on the fence about this revolutionary bedding phenomenon, remember to match it up with a quality memory foam pillow. The excellent support given by the billions of viscoelastic memory foam cells is finding its way to all sorts of health related products, and one of the best products are the vast array of foam pillows. The pillows are available in all shapes and sizes from a traditional flat rectangular version, large full length body pillows, to the curved ergonomic style that allows you to remain flat reducing neck strain. The curvature mimics the shape of your body and follows your neck line giving ultimate support, and a great night sleep. Another consideration is to travel with your own memory foam pillow for better consistency, and hygiene, as many people use the same hotel pillow creating potential health risks. In addition, memory foam will not be affected by bed bugs and dust mites as they can not live in the small cells of the viscoelastic material so you do not have to worry about bringing them home with you. Tempurpedic who is the most well known name in foam bedding has a full range of memory foam pillows starting at $99 in many sizes with various widths and heights to fit any size person.