accent wall living room
accent wall living room

How to Add Appeal to Your Home with Accent Walls

Accent walls are great ways to add visual appeal to your home without having to change the entire color scheme of the walls.  Just think back to when you might have seen an accent wall in a space.  Remember how the colors or concept of the wall held a striking difference within the room or a modest attribute with the décor?  The same effect is possible within your own; it would depend on your interior design style that would be the deciding factor to your accent wall design.

How to Add Appeal to Your Home with Accent Walls


Home with Accent Walls

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Colors and concepts:

One simple and effective way to put up an accent wall is by adding color or perhaps even a natural design to it like a mural.  You have so many options with this idea.  If you decided to do it just by colors then you could go with one bold or several contrasting ones.  Perhaps, you prefer to go the scenic route and put up a mural.  You can use wallpaper or decals that can be put on like wall paper; use them in living, kid’s and play rooms and try using abstract patterns or life-like scenes this will truly bring out the décor in your space.


accent wall living room

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Use architectural features:

Ever thought of using what you already have for an accent wall, such as windows for example?  That’s right, your natural windows or even a wall of glass can at as a perfect accent to any space.  Especially if the space is intimate, it will help to give the illusion that the space is larger than what it seems, plus windows allow more natural light to brought into a space while displaying wonderful views for backdrops.


accent wall bedroom ideas

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Invite nature to your wall:

Take a point from nature and add some natural elements to your accent wall.  Materials like wood, natural stone, metals and woods are perfect designs that will compliment your interiors.  This will help to add a more soothing and tranquil feel to your home, so check out ways to bring in more natural finishes into your space by visiting home design websites and also just viewing other homes in home owner guides.

Accent walls add such variety and interest to any space.  Not only are they wonderful to view but are fairly easy to create.  So take a look at the suggestions and ideas above for inspiration concerning your accent wall.  Whether you choose a bold color or scenic backdrop the choice is yours for the taking.  Be inspired and creative!

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