Add Fun to Your Living Space with La Michetta Corner Sofa by Meritalia

Whether you like to sit or lounge in your living room, comfy seating is a must. If you are in the market for a comfy piece that does not compromise on style, get La Michetta Corner Sofa by Meritalia. It is designed by Gaetano Pesce and named after Milan’s simplest and least expensive bread. Each Michetta has a unique appearance and never looks like the other. Even when baked in identical tins, the pieces take on different shapes during the baking process. Gaetano Pesce was inspired by this distinctive feature when creating La Michetta. His modular pieces form a lovely unit when assembled.


Add Fun to Your Living Space with La Michetta Corner Sofa by Meritalia

La Michetta corner sofa by Meritalia

It looks perfect in any modern setting


La Michetta Corner Sofa by Meritalia is impressive in all ways. It is comprised of modular pieces that are totally unique even though they are made using industrial processes. Each single sofa is unique due to the different manufacturing methods used. Each is distinguished by the range of compositions that can be obtained by assembling individual pieces chosen in a free way with no preset scheme or limitations. You can arrange the pieces however you want to display your desired composition.


Corner Sofa by Meritalia


If you like to relax, you’ll find La Michetta to be a perfect match. It is resilient, functional, comfy, and durable. The sofa is in a class of its own and stands out brilliantly wherever it is placed. It provides superb relaxation and will transform your living room into a fun and playful spot. So, why not add some fun and interest to your living space with La Michetta?


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