The Adler II Extensible Dining Table from Draenert

Contemporary extending stone table

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The Adler II from Draenert is a non-extensible or extensible dining table offered in more sizes. The table is constructed in either natural stone, solid or veneered wood and its shape is either boat-shaped, rectangular, tapering organic or oval.  The most eye-catching is obviously the stone top one, and the one we’ll insist on in this article.

The idea for this design was born out of the wish for an undivided main tabletop – rather the exception among dining tables.

Contemporary extending stone table

Pulling apart the two halves of the table synchronously opens a central space. Then the central leaf can be raised with a simple rotational movement. An ingenious technique makes the extension procedure a child’s play.
The regular base is an oval base of stainless steel in matt ground finish. Additionally four other base types are offered.

furniture design ideas from Draenert

Adler II looks more sophisticated than others and could enrich any interior design for a modern as well as a traditional home. Back in 1995, when Peter Draenert first introduced stone top dining tables there was no variation for the base. Now the company tries to make their product interesting by creating more original bases or legs. The legs of the table could take various shapes! It all depends on how you would like to experiment and what look you would like to give your dining area.

A stone dining table can add lot of brightness in the dining room and can give your house an elegant look.
The Adler II Extensible Dining Table
When you use a stone top over the dining table, the whole room lightens up, thus generating a feeling of large space.
Not only a necessary piece of furniture, tables are often also the most important part of a room’s interior design. They are usually placed in the center of the room and can be observed from every side clearly. A good extensible dining table is always admired.

Extending rectangular natural stone dining table