All Tucked Away: 10 Clever Storage Beds

bed with drawer
The Alf 150 Bed from Danish Inspirations

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Somehow, every time a new season rolls around and we undergo the ritual of putting away the trappings of the past several months and unearthing those we need for the ones ahead, we act as if it’s never been done before.  “How did we amass all this stuff???” we ask ourselves incredulously, although rarely do we actually get rid of it and “live more simply,” as we promise ourselves every time a new year rolls around.  The clever designers behind the elements in today’s image series were thinking ahead when they created these storage beds — after all, who couldn’t use a few extra square feet to sock away those extra summer accents in the winter, or blankets and holiday decorations in the warmer months?  If all else fails, these smart bedroom furnishings can at least free up some space in our closets and dressers.  Just as you can never bee overdressed or overeducated, you can’t be overstocked with extra storage room, either.

10 Clever Storage Beds


modern storage bed


pedestal bed


bed with storage


drawer bed


hinged mattress


rustic platform bed


chic underbed storage


raised platform bed


classic bedroom storage



Alf 150 Bed found at Danish Inspirations.