Always in Style: 10 Classic Round Coffee Tables

Some things in life — a perfectly-tailored suit, a little black dress, a fine glass of wine — are eternally in vogue with no worries of falling out of fashion.  A simple circular coffee table happens to be one of those objects; the least complicated of all geometric shapes, with no corners to bruise shins or extrude beyond the space to which they should be confined, it’s an unobtrusive curve that serves its purpose without a fuss.  These knee-high surfaces are perfect and perfunctory; they hold our coffee, keys, remote, phone, and whatever else we need to unload while we recline, and they do so without detracting from the rest of a room’s decor.  Easy peasy, and ever in vogue.  Without further ado, we give you today’s roundup: 10 classic round coffee tables.

round metal coffee table

Metro Round Coffee Table by Soho Concept



wood and metal coffee table

Cayenne Coffee Table from FA Collection



round wood coffee table

Copine White Oak Coffee Table



simple round coffee table

Fusion Round Coffee Table from Cabot Wrenn



two-tiered coffee table

Merge 36-inch Coffee Table by Modern Furniture Warehouse



classic round coffee table

Tripod Round Coffee Table by Matt Blatt



ottoman coffee table

Upholstered Round Coffee Table via Vastu



round white coffee table

White Stick Round Coffee Table from South of Market



round white coffee tables

Abstract White Coffee Table from Furniture by Duval



simple white coffee table

Armani Round Coffee Table by Farrelli



Fusion round table found at Cabot Wrenn.