15 Amazing Contemporary Living Room Ideas

Living Room Ideas

A stunning living room design.
Living room ideas for you too browse through.

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Beautiful Living Room Ideas

Are you looking for inspiration in your latest living room design or even in your forever home you’ve been planning and building for the past year?

Well, that’s where we come in handy.

If you’re a fan of contemporary style and modern pizzazz, this list will help to build your decorative creativity, inspire your vision and give you easy ideas you can emulate yourself! Let’t take a peek at these amazing living room designs, and make sure to take notes!

Living Room Ideas

Living Room Ideas. Simple But Modern Living Room Design
A beautifully designed living room layout.


Living room ideas for hazy greys, midnight blacks and light, natural wood finishes are a timeless and fashion-forward look. Then you start with your bigger furniture pieces: the sofas, the coffee tables, the entertainment centers and the like.

If you take a peek at this set, you’ll see that each one as a low, clean-edged line that fit like a glove but don’t get too matchy-matchy in a traditional sense. We love the easy contrast and how the lighter foundation creates the illusion of more space.

Contemporary Living Room Designs. Modern Home Decor for Living Rooms
A stunning room that even has a room partition within.


Is this room not a gorgeous collection of style and welcoming effort? The plush, creamy couch acts as the focal point of the room, along with the beautiful window giving off amazing amounts of natural lighting.

The room partition helps to create more interest in a space that is extra roomy, and the floating shelving adds an artistic and youthful appeal. And don’t forget the shag area rug, adding texture and life to the floor.


Contemporary Living Room Designs. Small living room design with window.
A smaller living room with a very modern design.



It doesn’t get anymore classic in the style department than a black, white and red color pairing. It’s timeless in both fashion and interior design and it works in any style genre or mode of decorating.

In the case of this living room, it’s interesting, modern and quite suave. Although this space isn’t kid-friendly, it would serve as an impressive bachelor or bachelorette pad and made for showing off to friends and family.


Contemporary Living Room Design using Wall Panels
An unusual living room design with wall panels.


A bit more traditional in an overall sense, this contemporary living room would fit nicely in any family home. The cream and charcoal pairing is not only fashion-forward but also very welcoming and subdued for a comfy house.

We love the addition of the printed sofa pillows and textural accent wall that makes for an amazing focal point to the room.


Amazing Contemporary living room designs


This elongated, horizontally structured room is such a luxury for those that need the extra space for entertaining or just family needs! It’s got a relaxing vibe from its heather grey foundation but still very futuristic in style with its silver accents and modern edges around the entire room.

Please pay attention to the easy addition of the posh and delicate light fixture that brings function and elegance to the space.


Contemporary Living Room Designs. Modern living room design ideas
A stunning living room design with more than one feature to look at.



This room looks like it was made for the penthouse suite to the most posh hotel in the downtown area, doesn’t it? The pops of chic colors, grandiose foundation pieces like the room partition and windows, as well as the incredibly chic furniture choices from the coffee table to the light fixture.

It all comes together to make something quite luxurious.


Contemporary Living Room with Adjoining Kitchen


Creamy and beautiful, this modern, yet dainty, living room is quite welcoming with its feminine essence. A lot of times super contemporary rooms look incredible but untouchable, and that’s not the case with this golden-hued beauty.

We also love how the light grey addition to the foundation to this space cuts the harshness of the off-white theme.


Contemporary Living Room Plan


The pops of red in this living room really give it a focus and striking personal appeal. Although this is a virtual set-up and not a real-life sample, it can easily be recreated in your own home.

Find the right accent chairs, more traditional sofa, artistic, yet edgy coffee table and an entertainment center that can truly stand alone to make this idea become a reality.


Living Room Interior Design Ideas



Not as grandiose as most of its predecessors, we love this “apartment”style living space. From the cozy rug to the crisp, quaint sofa, this room has a refreshing and relaxing essence that you just can’t get in every home.

Obviously the large window helps with its ability to light up the room naturally but so does the furniture choices and set-up.


Living Room Design with Stone Wall
A very nice design with a brick wall feature.


More of a masculine design with the textural accent wall and chocolate foundation, this living room may be small but its full of fun style.

A bit retro in inspiration but modern in overall those, we are loving the contrasting accent chairs and sofa paired with the traditional wooden coffee table and fun, tiled flooring.


Living Room Design Inspiration
A stunning design that looks straight onto the outdoor swimming pool.



If you want to go something with more color, why not stay away from cherry reds with harsh expressions and go with a more sophisticated cranberry tone?

It’s certainly trending in both fashion and interior design, but it also pairs well with every and any neutral shade while still be very bright and lively.

We love how they made the choice to do something a bit more outside the box and color the floor instead of the wall, giving the room more depth.


Wonderful Contemporary Living Room Ideas
A modern living room design with panels and lots of open space.


Are you not just in love with that area rug? The texture, the design and the unsuspecting focus it gives this beautifully designed room? It’s the belle of the ball, concerning the space of course, and we love that its such a surprising way to decorate a living area.

It also highlights the furniture nicely while still creating a welcoming and cozy atmosphere.


Futuristic Living Room Ideas
A beautiful stylish and futuristic living room design.



We love this room and its fashion-forward essence and masculine edge. From the poster on the walls to the futuristic touches throughout the entire space, what man wouldn’t want to show this off to his buddies?

We also love the unsuspecting pairing of charcoal and camel which gives it a relaxing yet unique and sophisticated vibe.


Uber Cool Living Room Design
Beam me up scotty.


This emerald green stunner is such a interesting and pleasant joy for the eyes. Although, again, this is just a virtual set-up, we love how you can play with images and then bring them to life inside your own home.

From the custom-built bookshelf on the wall to the light fixtures on the back entrance that give the space its “movie theater” of the future flair, it’s so creative and fun!


Living Room Design Using White and Blue
For those who like something a little different. This time its the color purple.

A personal favorite of the entire list, this living room has feminine panache written all over it. This purple-hued space has a modern and futuristic decor scheme, but it’s also youthful and playful too.

From the pops of mustard to the puffy furniture choices, this is a room you’d want to hang out with your gal pals in or relax and enjoy a glass a wine and midnight movie in even more so.