Artificial Island Now For Sale at $9.5 Million

When looking at new architectural ideas we can’t ignore creations such as the artificial island in the first image below. This particular island was created in 1890 for Danish King Christain IX and it is now available for sale for “just” $9.5 million. In case you’re wondering what kind of luxury that money buys then you’ll have to know the property includes a hotel, a conference facility, restaurant, bar, billiard lounge and a night club. The property offers 24 rooms and 88 beds although all that can be modified to fit the needs of the buyer especially since it has about 200 rooms in all the buildings found on the island. The 180,000 square feet artificial island is about 15 minutes away from Copenhagen or Malmö, so it’s near two European countries, Denmark and Sweden, respectively. On the other hand, if you want a bigger man made island you’ll have to go to Dubai for that and purchase one there. Or build it yourself next to those already developed as seen in the second image.

artificial island

manmade island