At Your Service: 10 Modern Sideboards

While most household furniture serves a simple utilitarian service, sometimes it stands for something too.  Sideboards, for instance, were once the hallmark of opulence, rising to prominence in the 19th century across Western Europe and the United States as it became more common for upper middle class homes to have dining rooms separate from the kitchen and living space.  Today, we’ve rounded up a variety of modern sideboards, from the simplicity of Crate & Barrel’s and Sisko Designs’ offerings to the ornate brilliance of the limited edition Portuguese tile version from Boca de Lobo and a few mod neon pieces in between.  These days, whether our lifestyles are opulent or not, sideboards like these are a chic and unobtrusive way to store flatware and extra baubles and bows best saved for special occasions.  After all, life’s too short not to be at least a little fancy sometimes.

modern storage buffet

Framed Sideboard by Koenraad Ruys for Moca



neon sideboard

Bright Modern Sideboard from Invisible City



midcentury modern sideboard

Edna Sideboard by Anthony Hartley



limited edition sideboards

Boca do Lobo Limited Edition Portugese Sideboard



blue and white sideboard

Babol Sideboard by Emmebi



classic cream sideboard

Kursi Sideboard



brick sideboard

Brick Sideboard from Dwell



tall sideboard

Sideboard by Sergio Brioschi for Jesse



mahogany cirque sideboard

Mahogany Cirque Sideboard from Crate & Barrel



modern oak sideboard

Two-Door Oak Sideboard by Sisko Design


Framed sideboard found at Moca.