Atoll Fold-Away Wall Unit, Bed, and Sofa

Many of us live in large cities where rent has become so expensive that space is at a great premium. As rent costs have gone up, the size of apartments and homes have gone down in square footage for the average tenant. Many of us may only be able to afford a flat or small home if we wish to remain centrally located to a large city.
High rents have created more innovation in the furniture industry where designers are making multi-use pieces while striving for space conservation. Such a piece is the Atoll Fold-Away Wall Unit and corner sofa from Clei furniture. The Atoll is a great looking sectional sofa with a clean modern look and elegant appeal. I really love this piece, because I think it will work in so many homes. The couch is very minimalist by design. The pillows complement the sofa and invite people to get comfortable and take a seat.
The hideaway bed component is cleverly hidden behind a wall panel and nice shelf. Pictured here is darker paneling. Clei offers many other colors which I like since the dark wood may not match your home’s colors. There are also many different colors of fabric to choose from for the sofa. The sofa uses slip covers which can be easily taken off and washed making for easier upkeep.

atoll corner sofa wall unit bed

clei furniture wall unit

fold out bed clei furniture.jpg

hide away bed wall unit furniture clei