Aura Sideboard by Antonello Italia: Ample Storage and Rare Beauty

If you have a gorgeous dining table and chairs but are still looking for the perfect sideboard, take a look at the Aura sideboard by Antonello Italia. With a clever design based on a mix of production technology, research, and innovative materials, show stopping sideboards don’t get better than this. It will help you to get rid of clutter in your dining room and enhance the room’s aesthetic appeal.


Aura Sideboard by Antonello Italia: Ample Storage and Rare Beauty

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The Aura sideboard by Antonello Italia provides two main things: ample storage and beauty. It not only has dashing looks, it has all the space you need. It will excellently hold your party platter, napkins, and cake stands and still have space to spare. It comes with decorated or lacquered wood doors and drawers with a rippled or flat effect. It has a wooden or lacquered wood frame and inner shelves made from clear tempered glass. The sideboard is finished in matt or shining lacquer. It has a solid front and looks like a rare piece of art.


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While a sideboard is normally used to store serving platters, it reaches its pinnacle of style when you use it to fit your needs. Use the Aura sideboard to display your favorite collections or to showcase flowers or pieces of art. If you like to travel, put your photos on display and give your guests something to talk about during dinner. Once you get this sideboard, you’ll discover it is all you needed to complete the room’s look. Wouldn’t you love to have the Aura sideboard in your dining room?  If this is not the piece that fits your taste, take a look at at another article featuring some amazing contemporary sideboards and see how those designs can inspire your dining room.

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