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Joy is a passionate writer and blogger. She loves to write about fashion, travel, lifestyle, business, and many other topics. Some of her work can be found on her blog Besides writing, she enjoys travelling and trying out new and exciting activities.

Enjoy Peaceful Nights with the Zina Bed by Elite Modern

Striking a perfect balance between success and lifestyle, Zina is a spectacular bed. Its supple curves are created by biomorphic shapes which blend solid metal with warm upholstery. Defying gravity, Read more...


The Trendy Triplex Table Collection by Elite Modern

Triplex gets its name from the table with three sleek upturned arms which blend beautifully in a unique triangular symmetry. A dramatic visual point is created by the gap between Read more...


Avant-Garde Creations: The Mesa Kitchen by Schiffini

Three things characterize modern kitchens: clean lines, sleek surfaces, and minimalist details. These same features define the Mesa Kitchen by Schiffini. Borrowing from an idea by Alfredo Häberli, it is Read more...


Reinventing Kitchens: One-12 Kitchen by Schiffini

With the invention of fire came cooking and with cooking came the need for a separate space to make meals. This space was given the name kitchen and is one Read more...


Absolute Comfort: Relaxer One Rocking Chair by Norr11

Rocking chairs have come a long way from what they used to be. Once utilitarian pieces that only made people think of grannies knitting by the fireplace, they are now Read more...

Relaxer One Rocking Chair by Norr11

The Unconventional Mammoth Chair by Norr11

Want a chair that will draw the oohs and aahs from your guests? Look no further than Mammoth. It is handcrafted by experienced craftsmen and boasts a solid wood frame. Read more...

Mammoth Chair by Norr11

Must-Have Furniture: Frame Chaise Longues by Paola Lenti

How do you like to relax? Outdoors on a chaise longue, indoors on a sofa, or on a bed? If you like to relax on a chaise longue outdoors, you Read more...

Frame Chaise Longues by Paola Lenti

The Adaptable Cover Sofa Collection by Paola Lenti

Flexible seating has become a necessity these days. It not only helps us to create different conversation areas when entertaining, it offers extra seating for all our guests. Whether you Read more...

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