Awesome Patio Furniture for a Stylish Summer

Its that time of the year folks. The time to soak up the sun, work on your tan and drink some Mojitos. To achieve this kind of Nirvana in the backyard of your abode, its important your patio furniture is comfortable and stylish. Hence we here at Furniture Fashion decided to list some of the best patio furniture available.
The Cheshire Lounge Chair by Lifeshop Collection is whimsical, a tad quirky and a whole lot comfy. These moon-shaped chairs will get you in the mood for sure.

cheshire chair revised

When it comes to outdoor furniture, no one does it better than DEDON. Case in point, the Orbit Loveseat which has a large canopy and a rounded lounge area for two.

dedon orbit outdoor loveseat

Make a first and lasting impression with the Footie Patio Stones that are funky and make for a stunning flooring design.

footie outdoor decking

The Heat Reflection Canopy may look something straight out of the Sci-Fi thriller “War of the Worlds” but we still covet it. Designer Russell Zoran Corder’s concept aims at keeping your patio warm via the in-built reflection panels.

Heat Reflection Canopy .jpg

Schoenhuber Franchi redefines patio furnishings with their Hug Set line of luxury outdoor furniture. Stunning and minimalist, just how we like it.

Hug Set modern outdoor lounge chair

Hammocks are so passé especially now that we have modern avatars of it. Check out the Knotted Chair by Droog, which is all that you need to enjoy a lovely sunny day.

knotted patio chair

Add a touch of romance by cuddling up with your lover and star gazing on the Clicquot Loveseat by Karim Rashid. This 2 metres long, 1.22 metre high and 85 centimeters wide seat has been inspired by 18th-century armchair.

Clicquot Loveseat by Karim Rashid

Afroditi Krassa is behind this stunning solar powered patio table. The table not only soaks up the sun but also powers the house with some much-needed clean energy.

Afroditi Krassa solar table

The Ducking Lounge Chair by Korean designer Jung Myung Taek, takes the art of lounging around a little too seriously.

ducking outdoor lounge chair

How can we not like something, which has been inspired by the iconic Colosseum in Rome? Check out this “amphitheater” styled furniture lounge that can be enjoyed in several formations as the two curved areas, two end sections and center coffee table are all movable.

outdoors lounge ampitheatre

Don’t run indoor to get some ice when you’re enjoying a drink or two outdoors. Just get the Cocktail Patio Table, which has been designed by Sophia Voychehovski as the table has a cool drop-in ice bucket.

patio cocktail table

The Brown Jordan outdoor furniture is just what you need to enjoy the Great Outdoors. Italian based Varaschin manufactures this sculpturted UV, salt, and weather resistant seat.

outdoor sofas Varaschin
brown jordan outdoor furniture

Renowned Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka is a personal favorite so I had to feature his Ami Ami Chair made from wicker sporting a rather wicked appearance.

Ami Ami Patio Chair

This Butterfly Patio Chair will be a hit with the ladies thanks to its feminine twist. This patio chair offers a classic look for more traditional settings.

butterfly patio chair

So next time you go furniture shopping for your patio or outdoor lounge area, don’t forget to add these selections in your wish list as all the featured products are a perfect amalgamation of style and function.