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Get Organized with B_Green Living Furniture by ALF

Everyone has more loose objects and clutter floating around than they would care to admit.  From books to dishware, no room in the house is truly free from those necessary items that just take up space.  Before you assume that some things are just unavoidable in your own home, though, get familiar with the B_Green living furniture by ALF. Clutter can be organized and hidden out of plain sight with the modular, customizable storage solution that fits any need.


Get Organized with B_Green Living Furniture by ALF

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The B_Green Living Furniture by ALF is an environmentally friendly way to organize your life.  Designed from its signature “eco-wood” all the pieces are offered in a variety of colors with a smooth wood grain texture.  The elongated rectangle units are neutral in style and simple in shape, so they can be used in any décor situation from traditional to contemporary.  The separate units can be set on the floor like a low cabinet, stacked, or even mounted on the wall for closed shelving.


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The purity in form may contrast dramatically to all the items you keep inside, but only you will know that the units are even for storage; the front panels are handle-free for an ultra-streamlined silhouette.  With such a versatile, green look, the B_Green living furniture will give you the help you need in every room in your home to simplify your look and your life by concealing those objects you don’t need out in the open.


Easy, effective, and incredibly flexible, what will you do first with the B_Green system?

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