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Villain Chair from Suck UK

Back to Work: 10 Modern Desk Chairs

Let’s be honest: office furniture isn’t exactly the most thrilling segment of the interior design industry.  But for the ever-increasing segment of the population telecommuting and/or spending long, odd hours working from the comfort of our homes, we know the dining room table gets old quickly, and even a couch can begin to feel like a prison after a while.  So today, we’ve rounded up a host of cool, modern desk chairs that would look perfectly natural in a home office environment.  The fact that several were specifically designed with proper ergonomics in mind, with one even going so far as to give us a core workout while we’re sitting on it (and who among us couldn’t use a little help in that department?), tells us there’s still hope for our posture and overall well-being even if we’re becoming increasingly sedentary from a physical standpoint while working overtime from a psychological one.  Put on a pot of coffee and enjoy today’s image roundup, all about getting the job done in comfort and with style.

10 Modern Desk Chairs


red leather desk chair


white leather desk chair


tweed office chair


silver office chair


exercise ball chair


herman miller chairs


spine chair


modern wingback chair


colored ergonomic chair


Life chair found at Zuo Modern.

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