Bake Me A Cake Table Lamp Made Of Sustainable Oak Wood

Bake Me A Cake Table Lamp Made Of Sustainable Oak Wood 9

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We all want our cake and eat it too, but alas with Murphy and his sense of humor, that usually isn’t the case. Luckily, with the Northern Lighting Bake Me A Cake Table Lamp, you can get your cake, and while eating it isn’t recommended, displaying it, is.

Epitomizing the typical Norwegian sensibility, this lamp has been spotted at the Milan Design Week and has charmed the critics and masses alike. Designed by Jonas and Marten for Northern Lighting, the charming light fixture was manufactured in the most unexpected of the places, i.e. Kriminalomsorgen region vest (the Norwegian correctional services). In fact, it is hard to believe that something of this quality and design was produced by the prison inmates of certain Norwegian correctional services.
To further focus on the prison angle, the lamp has been named after “the cake with the file”, a classic slapstick tale, where a mother hides a file into a cake that she baked for her imprisoned son to let him escape from prison.

Made out of sustainable oak wood base with smoked tinted glass shade, the lamp measures 30.5cm x Diameter: 25cm and can be purchased from the Nest website.


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