Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 9 : The Beauty of Sight and Sound

We admit here at Furniture Fashion that looks are very important, but the Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 9 plasma tv justifies any hint of vanity with unrivaled performance. The diamond cut square frame exudes subtle control and enormous potential for the 50-inch plasma screen which produce the highest Bang & Olufsen standards. Below the surface the advanced VisionClear picture correction engine tunes every single image to perfection. There is more within the exquisite aluminum frame of Beo Vision 9 than meets the eye. Hidden compartments within the cabinet can hold options like a BeoMedia1 for all your digital media needs, and a Digital Television receiver specific to the signals in your region. As a bit of an audiophile myself I can really see the beauty of the integrated center channel loudspeaker of Beo Vision 9 which is based on the acoustic concept of their BeoLab 7-4. The speaker lens centered just beneath the screen features a visual emphasis of refinement, and ensures an experience of tonal clarity in the horizontal plane. Voices normally dominant in the center channel sound extremely authentic irregardless of where you are seated. Bang & Olufsen intentionally left out any other speakers traditionally included in most televisions because they won’t do justice to true sound quality. For this reason the BeoVision 9 gives you the freedom to assemble your favorite surround speaker set up from the entire BeoLab range of speakers. 122 x 127 x 56 cm, 48.4″ x 50″ x 22.4″ in, 123 kg / 271.2 lbs

bang & olufsen beovision 9 plasma television
bang & olufsen beovision 9 50 inch plasma tv
bang & olufsen beovision 9 television

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