Bar Stools made from Scrap and Reclaimed Wood

The idea of furniture made from sustainable materials is catching on fast, but as with many products that use recycled materials, they often tend to work out more expensive than the non-sustainable variety, which can be a little frustrating to say the least.
However there are alternatives and these bar stools made from off cuts of wood is prime example of how scrap materials can be made into something wonderful and practical too! The wood had been used in the furniture trade, but these pieces are left over and ordinarily would have been discarded as waste. It was a firm of architects that came up with the idea of bundling off cuts of wood together and these bundles were sanded down before filling the gaps with wood putty, followed by a coating of linseed oil before a wax sealant is applied. The design came from a challenge laid down as part of the State of Design Festival in Australia, where architects were asked to use recycled materials to make design features for a developed bar.

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