Bargain Hunting Mid Century Modern Furniture in Houston

There are always great buys to be had for those shoppers that invest the time to search for them. There are many furniture stores in Houston that have Mid Century Modern Furniture for sale. The thing is you have to be willing to look and stay in touch with the comings and goings of product in those furniture shops if you want to land an incredible deal. It is even better if you can find product for sale directly from the owner. Owners at times are ready to get rid of pieces quickly offering them at great prices. I was researching an article this week and found such a piece. I found a Norman Cherner chair made by Plycraft for sale in Katy, Texas which is just outside Houston. There was a listing from Craigslist that popped up that caught my attention. As I looked further, I noticed the listing was a few years old, meaning that the piece had sold. Nonetheless, it showed me that if you invest the time to look for that classic piece of furniture you want, you will eventually find it in Houston or whichever city you live in. The asking price was $200.

cherner chair

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