Basic Furniture Searching Tips on Ebay

So now we are ready to use the internet to widen our scope in looking for furniture. Think about the ground that can be covered on Ebay during the week or at off times when we cannot go out on our own time and look at furniture in person.
Let’s face it. More and more people are using the internet for all kinds of shopping. As mentioned in the previous article, should I consider buying furniture online through Ebay, large items like cars, furniture and real estate are being sold through online auction each and everyday. Obviously, we need to get into the game to compete with the other shoppers. We also need information to increase our knowledge of market prices to ensure that we are receiving the best deal and doing and adequate job of comparing prices and determining fair market value.
I signed onto the internet and went to Ebay. I typed the word “sofa” and came up with 1,790 items. This is too many items for me to browse through in a timely manner. A tip is to narrow the search by using other key words. An example of more keywords would be typing in “leather sofa” into the search box. I received 684 items on this search. I typed in “black leather sofa” and received 108 search results. As you can see more keywords will often narrow the results into a much more manageable number of items.
There is a check box under the search box that says “Search title and description”. A normal search on Ebay just checks the words in the title for a match. When this box is checked, the titles and descriptions are searched. “Black leather sofa” returned 197 search items with this box checked. This can be a good tool for sometimes finding items that are not titled well. Since many users just rely on title searching, you may find some items that have less traffic looking at them and therefore, may sell at a lower price.
Another strategy is to think of more specific terms other than the industry norms like sofa, couch, loveseat, recliner, etc. Modern, traditional, contemporary, Barcelona and other terms can further narrow the search results. Keep in mind that when using these terms, you may miss out on some items that you are actually looking for. There is a trade off between the number of results and how much time you have to spend shopping.