Bathroom Rug Collections – 10 Fun and Affordable Ideas

It occurred to me how bathroom rug collections can be the answer to giving this room a much needed update.  Most of us cannot afford a remodel and have to live with what we have.  Having said that, don’t overlook the opportunity to change things up.  Ask yourself this question, “what elements can be easily changed?”  A few things come to mind that include towels, paint, rugs and shower curtains.  I just recently went through this in my own house so it resonates fresh in my mind.  Consider color and how that can really jazz up a space.  Patterns and shapes also can update the appearance.  Take a look at the ten suggestions in this article and see if you find inspiration in how you can update your own space.

Gray is a conservative choice as you can see in the above picture.  The plan is to keep it simple to highlight the grain of the flooring.  The decorator chose to move the focus there and then accent the other accessories.

bathroom design with crimson colored accessories

Crimson was tied out nicely in this floor plan.  Having it on the floor, towel rack and the shower curtain keeps the color theme throughout and adds some much needed darker hues in this design.

purple and lavender bathroom mats

Now this is a bold pattern above!  This group will only work in a neutral style lavatory so there is not too much contrast and colors fighting one another.  It takes more risk to pull this off, but can be worth it.

rug for stepping out of a bathtub

large square bathtub with ocean view

fun and colorful bathroom rug collection

What a fun and fresh pattern!  It’s nice that there is white trim in these examples and that the colors blend well, but also fit for a clean design which suits the overall purpose in bathroom design.

floor protective lavatory mats

great modern bathroom in high rise apartment

Here you see three different patterns that follow a central color theme.  It can be hard to find this arrangement when shopping, but is very rewarding when it can be pulled off.  It seems fitting that this is in an apartment with a view.

circular flooring mats near double vanity

tie dye rug in narrow bathroom

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