Bellato Rotating Shelves and Kitchen Cabinets

Rotating Shelves and Cabinets

Giralot is a design by Stefano Bettio that takes color to a new level. These rotating shelves and cabinets are designed for any room of the home. In the kitchen picture, Giralot is being used as a pantry with the colorful shelves available for storage while at the same time, bringing a lot of color into the otherwise white kitchen design.

The rotating bathroom cabinets create an awesome backdrop of purple, blue, and white creating a stunning visual for the home. Other ideas include media storage, entertainment centers, and general bookshelves.

There are many possibilities for this product. The two things that I like best are the introduction of color into rooms and the way that things can be “put away” quickly by rotating the shelving.


Rotating Shelves



White rotating cupboards



rotating shelves



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