BeoVision 10-46 Chanterelle TV By Bang & Olufsen

When it comes to home entertainment nothing makes our heart skip a beat more than a Bang & Olufsen creation. The ideal amalgamation of form and function, the Bang & Olufsen HT collection always manages to make an impact with the discerning consumer. The BeoVision 10-46 Chanterelle TV is a new entrant in the home theater world and is a limited edition which of course translates into a hefty price tag. The BeoVision 10-46 Chanterelle TV with its new speaker grille and beige color scheme trailblazes towards the imaginative design territory and it is hard not to be taken by its beautiful styling. with just 500 BeoVision 10-46 Chanterelle  in existence, this is a must for the collector, the home theater buff, or even the design aficionado.







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