Bespoken Art Creates Unique Canvas Art Works From Sound Waves!

Not too long ago, we had covered DNA Ancestry Portraits by DNA11 which highlighted the popularity of canvas art pieces that are unique and personalized. Bespoken Art is a similar concept however this one requires no DNA testing. The folks behind Bespoken Art create paintings and customized art on the basis of your voice. Every voice has a distinctive wavelength and frequency and Bespoken Art will transform your words, wedding vows, songs and other golden nuggets into a 100% customized piece of art. If the concept has piqued your interest then head over to the website here, choose the size, color and canvas, record your voice on their website and then simply hit print! Voila you will get your work of art in the mail and it will have all the trappings of being a  great “conversation piece”. Prices start from 200USD and vary according to size and art.