10 Best Baby Cribs for Creating the Ultimate Nursery

Our editors searched for the best baby cribs that offer style and comfort for creating the ultimate nursery.  Your home is a statement and should be an extension of you. For any family there will be so much work going on in this room that it is easy to think that it will just be messy or a working space. That is not the case though. With some planning, the nursery can be a gorgeous room that is fun where you can let your inner child come out. Think about all the examples you see in magazines and catalogs. Many boast of bold colors that you would not consider putting anywhere else in your home. For that reason, this room can take on its own personality. This roundup of our ten best baby cribs can give you ideas about what type you like best.

white nursery design with wood stained furnishings

This is a great natural stained model with two white storage drawers underneath.   The dark stain is very traditional whereas the white gives it more of a modern touch.   The matching night stand on the left looks great as well.

bright orange color design for kids room

The first thing that caught my eye was the color of the floor.  What a bold suggestion for a room!  The furnishing matches that color and comes with a changing station.   There are three colors present with the orange, white and the natural wood underneath. This model is on wheels if portability is important to your shopping decision.

using fabric patterns in home decorating

The fabric pattern is wonderful in the above picture.  Tying it back to the chair and ottoman really pulls this whole living space together.  The color choices are neutral enough for either a boy or a girl.

antique styled room with dark hardwood flooring

I found the bear like rug to almost be out of place in the above image.  The hardwood floor is dark and the furniture very light making for a nice contrast.  All of the furnishings are traditional with even a touch of antique in their appearance.  They do not appear to be old or used up though and would be great for a new child.

best baby crib for the ultimate nursery

Here is another example on wheels that features lots of colors.  The mood is so bright and fun in this room.  It may be tough for some houses to be this aggressive in the nursery.  I can see this working in a contemporary space.  I do like all the storage in this example.

interesting mobile hanging above kids furnishings

One concern with this piece is will it be tough not having one side shorter for reaching in and grabbing the child.  That may not be an issue for your family at all.  The taller sides of the baby crib create a striking profile that is very regal in nature.  Behind you can see matching furnishings.

infant sleep area with wall mural

It was hard not to first be drawn to the great mural painted on the wall.   I thought the bird house was the perfect accent to add to the scene.  One thing that struck me on this example were how the legs were different.  Rather than a straight up and down angle this has a sweeping arch giving it a different feel than the other ten ideas.

round baby crib for smaller spaces

What a difference a shape can make!  This round idea is just wonderful.  The room is smaller than many we have seen making this a good suggestion in this space.  The biggest consideration here is whether or not this will be large enough for the child as he or she grows.

room decorated for nanny and family

Some people are fans of tufted upholstery and you can see here that the side features just such styling.  This technique adds elegance and finesse and creates a softer look than an entirely wooden model.

furniture ideas for small children

This great idea in white features gray trim with a fun design built in.  It reminds me of historical European architecture where much attention was paid to walls with engravings and small details being added.  The size of this idea is just right featuring no wasted width that may be unnecessary.

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10 Best Baby Cribs for Creating the Ultimate Nursery
Our editors searched for the best baby cribs that offer style and comfort for creating the ultimate nursery. Your home is a statement and should be an