B&F’s Matrix Clock Tells Time Rather Literally

Some clocks are just clocks, while a rare few are objects of genius.  German design studio Biegert & Funk brings typography, time, art and light (not to mention a more figurative form of brilliance) to its ‘Qlocktwo’, a clock that tells time in words presented in a quadratic matrix of letters that, when illuminated from behind, form phrases like “It Is Half Past Twelve,” “It Is Three O’Clock” and “It Is Ten to Seven.” This work of utter awesomeness is available in stainless steel and  7 polished glass color options, as well as as a dozen languages and even a desk/alarm clock version called the “Qlocktwo Touch.”  B&F is oddly quiet about pricing; you’ll have to send a direct query if you’re interested in learning more about what it takes to own one.

B&F's Matrix Clock Tells Time Rather Literally

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