Bird Cages and Aviaries for the Style Conscious

I feel it is our calling to leave no stone unturned when your homes deor is on the line. For the animal lovers, Furniture Fashion has revealed some attractive and useful pet furniture that you can tastefully blend into your idea of the perfect home. Here is a really clean and non bulky line of bird cages and aviaries from AvianWeb that are the perfect place for you favorite bird to spend some quality time. Their cages are made from medical grade stainless steel for a modern look and safe environment with a host of features like pull out trays for cleaning, seed catchers, 6mm bar spacing, and locks that even the most determined bird can’t open. Avian Web has bird cages and aviaries for birds as large as parrots and as small as the finch with a full range of sizes and features. Prices range from around $30 for the most basic model, to $3500 for the Kings Hexagon for large parrots shown here. 6′ Diameter X 7′ 5″ Height

bird cages and aviaries.jpg

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