Black Pearl Storage Unit By Portuguese Designer Pedro Sousa

Renowned Portuguese designer Pedro Sousa has quite an impressive repertoire of work to his credit and all his creation transcend from the prosaic and hinge defiantly on poised experimentation. An unmistakable eternal aura of style surrounds his creations and this is palpable in his stunning Black Pearl Storage Unit. Constructed from aluminum and glass, these two opposing materials bring a juxtaposition of materiality and translucency in the room that is seldom seen. Composed of of parts, interwoven and soldered into 4 types, forming an attractive and delicate mesh, the Black Pearl Unit is a stunning synthesis of engineering innovation and design. Part of the critically acclaimed “Collection Privée” collection, the Black Pearl Storage Unit meshes the principles of urban culture and traditional crafts and straddles diverse design trends quite successfully.

Black Pearl Storage Unit
Black Pearl Storage Unit By Pedro Sousa
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