Blast from the Past: 10 Flat-File Cabinets

There’s nothing particularly remarkable about a standard file cabinet — in fact, one might argue that the piece has no place inside a home, but rather, should be relegated to the confines of a proper office.  But perhaps exceptions could be made for the flat-file version of the storage classic, which have traditionally been used to house art and architectural drafts (and, way back in the day, metal imprint blocks for letterpress machines in old-school print houses).  There’s just something visually satisfying about the long, lean drawers stacked atop one another in perfect order, only tall enough to hold the most important of documents and supplies.  So today, we’ve rounded up ten examples of the retro-modern piece, from vintage finds to modern takes on the mid-century original.  Feast your eyes on these flat-file cabinets and let your inner geek smile.

flat file cabinets

Flat File from AM Radio via Etsy



flat file cabinets

Hamilton Oak Flat File Cabinets from Metro Retro Furniture



flat files

Martha Stewart Living Craft Space Eight-Drawer Flat-File Cabinet


retro file cabinet

Professor’s Flat File by Poul Kjaerholm via 1st Dibs


retro file cabinets

Red Flat File Storage Cabinet from Metro Retro Furniture



art file cabinets

Safco Facil Flat Files



art file storage

SMI Unfinished Birch Flat Files



glasstop flat file cabinet

Glasstop Flat File Cabinet via Design Sponge



vintage flat file cabinet

Vintage Green Flat-File Cabinet via Apartment Therapy



industrial flat file cabinet

Hamilton Unit Series Flat Files Detail




Retro wood flat-file cabinet found at AM Radio via Etsy.