Boewer Wooden Carpet Reinvents Your Floors

So you like wood when it comes to furniture and interior design! There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact I share your passion for interiors filled with wood finishing. And I also happen to love wooden floors and that’s why I’m showing you today an out-of-the-box idea for your floor: the Boewer Carpet. In fact there are various Wooden Carpet concepts from Boewer you should check out before deciding on your favorite: the Wentwood, the Mortimer, the Sherwood and the Ashdown. Each version offers you various wood patterns that will help you create interesting shapes out of the carpets, especially in case you’d rather use them as décor elements. All four Wooden Carpets offer you various wood combinations and come in different sizes that will fit various rooms in your house. Are you ready to make a decision?

Wooden Carpet 1.jpg
Wooden Carpet 3.jpg

Wooden Carpet 2.jpg
Wooden Carpet 4.jpg
Wooden Carpet 5.jpg