Bon Appetit: 10 Delicious Pieces of Dining Room Furniture

Even though as a society we’re always on the go, it’s sublime to sit down to a decadent meal every once in a while.  Whether it’s home-cooked or takeout, if it nourishes our souls as well as our stomachs, it’s worth enjoying from time to time.  Even for those of us with the simplest of tastes, food somehow seems to taste better when served on decent china and eaten with proper knives and forks, perhaps with a great glass of our favorite red or white.  For those rare occasions when we’re able to go off the grid for a night and enjoy a good old-fashioned dinner, today’s roundup of dining room furniture covers the gamut from modern minimalism to classic warmth, pausing for a quick taste of everything in between as well.  Bon appetit!


dining room furniture

Pranza Dining Room Set



dining room benches

Alternative Dining Room Set via Furnishism



botanical dining room

Botanically-Inspired Dining Set via Furnishism



modern urban dining room table

Dining Room Arranged by SuzAnn Kletzien Design



minimalist dining table

ESF Table from Expo in Style



Eames inspired dining room

Midcentury Modern Dining Set via Furnishism



black and white dining room

Modern Black & White Dining Set by Calligaris



patio dining furniture

San Sebastian Table Set from Zuo Modern



dark modern dining room table

Transitional Dining Room Set from West Elm



modern white dining set

White Dining Room Set by Rossetto


Several elements in today’s series found at Furnishism.