Bookworm : The Flexible Wall Mounted Bookcase from Kartell

Designer Ron Arad uses his creativity and your wall space to house books or decorative accessories with his flexible “Bookworm” wall mounted shelf. The industrial strength structure bends with help from technology and the brilliance of Kartell of Italy, a well known name in “unusual” furniture production. “A careful analysis of extrusion technology has enabled a sinuous bookcase to be created, taking on the desired form, without this jeopardizing its toughness and functionality”. short=7 bookends: 126″w 7.5″h 7.8″d; $425.00 med=11 bookends: 204″w 7.5″h 7.8″d; $732.00 long=17 bookends: 322″w 7.5″h 7.8″d $1,115.00

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