Bottoms Up: 10 Perfect Bar Accessories

Friday’s always a great day for a wind-down.  Even if we have work waiting for us over the weekend, there’s something about the sense of transition into a new start that’s refreshing and, quite frankly, calls for a toast.  To enjoy one’s drink of choice in the comfort of one’s own home can be the ultimate in relaxation, so today, we’ve pulled together a variety of perfect par accessories, from an $11,000 (yes, $11,000) professional mobile beer bar (and its wine and cocktail counterparts) to an old-fashioned absinthe fairy even Van Gogh would have loved.  It’s been an awfully long week, so without further ado, let’s get to it, shall we?  Salud, slainte, bisochtak, and cheers!

bar accessories

Mobile Wine Bar by Alpina


mobile cocktail bar

Mobile Cocktail Bar by Alpina


mobile beer bar

Mobile Beer Bar by Alpina


bar accessory

Absinthe Fairy from KegWorks



Dual Mini-Keg Beer Dispenser from Sporty’s Preferred Living


cocktail sets

House Call Cocktail Set from Martha Stewart


nickel ice bucket

Nickel-Plated Ice Bucket & Stand from Hayneedle


pewter champagne bucket

Pewter Champagne Bucket from Arte Italica


stainless steel speed rail

Stainless Steel Double Bar Speed Rail from KegWorks


bar tools

Bar Kit from La Cuzini


Mobile bars (x3) found at Alpina.