Can the Pipe Wrench Coffee Table Fit Any Living Room Design?

The Pipe Wrench Coffee Table design in the images below looks definitely interesting but will it really fit with most living room setups? The Pipe Wrench Coffee Table is pretty simple. You have a glass tabletop neatly placed on top of a few wrenches that act as the legs of the table. I personally like this Jonathan Niemuth design, and I would definitely see myself using such a coffee table even though it doesn’t really fit with any of my regular furniture pieces. You won’t necessarily see this Pipe Wrench Table in furniture stores very soon, but you could always make such a modern coffee table yourself. Anyone else interested in this Coffee Table?

Pipe Wrench Table 1.jpg
Pipe Wrench Table 2.jpg

Pipe Wrench Coffee Table 3.jpg
Pipe Wrench Coffee Table 4.jpg