Candle Displays for Fireplaces – 12 Lovely Designs and Ideas

A great way to add light and subtle charm to your house is with the simple accent of a candle. From clusters to just a few on the mantle, there are a variety of ways to style and utilize these functional and fashion pieces of home decor. We’ve compiled a beautiful list of inspiration ways to display your collection in the fireplace. Warm, relaxation and a homey appeal will all come from this easy addition. Here are 12 lovely designs and ideas of candle displays for fireplaces that we enjoyed and wanted to share with our readers.  These great designs can help transform an under-utilized space into something that gets praise from your family and guests.

cool candle holders

We are loving this contemporary, artistic tea light holder. You can get lights that give a simple, soft light or even a faint, beautiful scent to help with ambiance. And if you pay especially close attention you’ll notice that the bronze of this piece will enhance the natural glow from the candles, highlighting the decor even more so than if it was a different color. Just prop this up on the mantle for a gorgeous addition to the fireplace.

decorative candles for fireplaces

Have you ever seen a more beautiful screen? Not only is the steel design gorgeous, delicate and easy to blend, but the slight addition of some votive candles makes for such a unique and romantic style. And of course, to really mix up the look, add colorful examples to the piece depending on season and holiday!

fake candle display for fireplaces

Instead of lighting the logs, light the insides. We love this piece for one simple reason, it eliminates the wood-burning smell. Some can’t stand the “bonfire” aroma and others are allergic, so this is a beautiful alternative to still get the warm glow you’re searching for but without the smokey smell swirling throughout the entire house.

fireplace candle displays

You can always take away the fire-burning logs completely and just add a mix of collages inside. It’s eclectic, it’s youthful and you can really get creative with the overall look and design. Differences in colors, shapes, sizes and dishes to place them on can create an entirely new scene every week of the month if you’d like! This is perfect for a more eclectic vision or even a more summertime feel when you don’t need the warm but instead just the ambiance.

holiday fireplace candle holders

You can always bring out the lanterns! Depending on the styling, they’ll actually fit any season and still give off a homey, cozy feel. Place larger, bulkier examples inside to give off more light and you can try out what you see here by accessorizing the space with seasonal accents and extra votive twinkles. It’s a much more unique way to use the fireplace than it’s most popular use.

imitation log candle holder

Very similar to the log above with places to add tea lights or votive holder, this single “log” does the same, it’s just a different style. It’s a great choice for a smaller fireplace whereas the one seen above fits well inside a larger space since it’s a stacked look. Again, add some unscented lights for just a warm glow or choose ones with a bit of a lavender smell or rosey perfume quality to spread throughout the home.

large candle holders

Placed inside or on top, this display holder is a simple piece that can spruce up a duller area. Add colored candles or keep it clean with classic white. The darker foundation contrasts well with light colored models and will make the light pop even more than if both layers of the accent were in a soft hue. If placed inside, you’ll also get the illusion of these floating a bit which is quite romantic and relaxing, don’t you think?

metal fireplace candle holders

Here’s a more intricate and extravagant fireplace screen. Although a bit bulky, it works well inside a light, bright and spacious home. It has a Victorian vibe and some beautiful features, including the candle holding spots that provide easy, soft lighting when you don’t want to crank up the fireplace. This is a great way to keep the kids out but also dress the space during warmer month when you don’t need to warm the house, but instead, stylize it.

modern fireplace candle holders

This is the most modern and chic structure of the entire list. It takes the traditional use and look and turns it on its head to be a much more fashion-forward and attractive appeal to those with a more youthful and stylish vision for their home. The rocks underneath add a fun, textural vision and the varying heights add interest to an unsuspecting and surprising spot within your home. We love this detailing!


wrought iron candles holders

This too is a very similar idea from one of its predecessors but it shows what the piece would look like when placed inside. Highlight the structure and its details in a soft, romantic way, the candles are contrasting with the dark base but used as the focus on the overall vision. Giving any room a touchable and welcoming vibe, this more traditional inspiration is one of our favorites.

wrought iron fireplace screens

This too seems like a neighbor to the design above but with a bigger, bulkier foundation. With a more Victorian essence and fit with bigger sizes, this idea does the same warming goal that the photo we see just before this one. It’s practical but still very unique. You’re expected to use wood logs  and not a fashionable piece of home decor, but you can see how well this piece fits.

fireplace candles

For a summertime look, add this beach theme to your living area. The netting details and the beach rocks are easy ways to give your home a seasonal and vacation-esque quality during the warmer months. Of course, you don’t have to create this inside but outside on the front lines or even above on the mantle would do great too! Then once holiday season hits, you’ll have to do a quick redo!

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