modern floor lamps by Hive
C-U C ME will elevate your style

The Captivating C-U C ME Lighting Collection by Hive

Defined by handmade original forms and unique textures, the C-U C ME Lighting Collection by Hive is the personification of modern design. Its design resembles a spider’s web. It comprises different types of lamps which give spaces extra texture and dimension as they gently radiate light. The collection also features a large mirror with a border that resembles the lamps.


The Captivating C-U C ME Lighting Collection by Hive

C-U C ME Lighting Collection by Hive


The C-U C ME Lighting Collection comes in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large. The medium pendant and floor lamps look good in modern interiors and are suitable for living rooms, dining rooms, hallways, and bedrooms. The large spherical lamps are best suited to restaurants, clubs, hotels, shopping malls, and other large areas which require gorgeous lamps offering great value for money. The set is made from woven wire covered by Salago fiber. The wire is colored and covered with powder coating to protect it from the elements. The lampshade diffusers are made of fiber-reinforced polymer or paper-laminated Mylar and occupy the textural frame exuding a soft, warm glow.


contemporary floor mirror design


Floor lamps have become a staple in home design. They look good in both small and large spaces and are easy to move around. They make spaces cozy and can tie rooms together. The best thing about them is that you can direct their light onto specific tasks. If you like reading books, surfing the internet, or playing board games at night, get a floor lamp from the C-U C ME Lighting Collection.

Which lamp would you get? The suspension lamp or the floor lamp?


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