Going Green Fireplace by Blomus

As I face record heat here in Texas, my timing could not be more off for an article on a fireplace. The Chimo fireplace by Blomus combines technology and a flair for the environment all in one package. I find this fireplace particularly intriguing by the way it can be installed easily in any home. All you need to do is mount this unit on a wall. There is no need for a chimney vent of any kind.
The fireplace uses flame generated by ethanol, a green oriented non-fossil fuel. Ethanol is made from renewable energy sources like wheat, corn, potatoes and other vegetables. This fuel burns clean so there is no need to worry about smoke or odors created by the fire. All you need to do is fill up the reservoir and then the unit is ready to go at any time. Price: $1,310; Dimensions: 27.55″ W x 27.55″ H x 6.29″ D.

chimo fireplace by Blomus

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