apartment play house

Child’s Play: A Sweet Bohemian Playhouse in New York City

When most of us were little, we maybe had a bunk bed, a chest of drawers and a toy box.  Maybe — just maybe — there was a play mat and a bit of shelving, but generally speaking, our pads were pretty basic. These days, thanks to advances in modern design and manufacturing — not to mention the wealth of inspiration available 24/7 on websites just like this one, the opportunities for imaginative play spaces are infinite.  We can’t help but stare at this refreshing, clever bohemian playhouse from Incorporated Architecture and Design in New York.  Located in New York, it’s set in the middle of an open floorplan with a whimsical adjacent common area — a brilliant solution for keeping the kiddos close by and happily occupied while parents catch up on reading, conversation and the responsibilities of adulthood.  The playhouse’s juxtaposition of wood tones, neutrals and a bold shot of chartreuse make the structure pop in the best way possible.  Fostering all sorts of creativity for the kids lucky enough to romp around in it, the two-level space boasts a balcony and a drawbridge.  Talk about taking the act of playing pirate ship to a whole new level!

A Sweet Bohemian Playhouse in New York City

incorporated play house

apartment play house

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